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Het Or De?

Learn which Dutch nouns use Het and which use De, while increasing your vocabulary!

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Het Or De?

Learn which Dutch nouns use Het and which use De! With our Adaptive Word Feed (AWF™) technology, words are shown progressively less frequently as you learn them.

  • Improve your Dutch vocabulary: the English translation is shown with each word. There are over 1800 nouns in the exercises!
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The importance of Het and De

het fruit (the fruit)
de groente (the vegetable)
het konijn (the rabbit)
de hond (the dog)

To a non-native speaker, the choice of Het or De seems almost random! But it is crucial to learn the correct article. The obvious reason is of course to speak and write correct Dutch. But furthermore, there are also consequences in grammar! Consider these two examples:

Een oude hond (an old dog)

Een oud konijn (an old rabbit)

These two examples have identical structure, so why is one 'oude' and one 'oud'? Because with an indefinite article (een), adjectives related to het-words do not get an 'e' at the end, de-word adjectives do get an 'e'!

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