About Flash Your Dutch

Why Flash Your Dutch?

There simply isn't a more efficient way of learning vocabulary than with flashcards.

Flashcards are thought to be a particularly effective deliberate learning tool for studying vocabulary. Indeed, flashcards have been shown to be a more efficient means of learning vocabulary than other decontextualized deliberate learning strategies such as word lists or dictionary use.

- Schmitt, N., & Schmitt, D. (1995). Vocabulary notebooks: Theoretical underpinnings and practical suggestions. English Language Teaching Journal, 49(2), 133-143

Flashcards are also, well, fun to use! It is a much more active way of learning, rather than trying to memorize a thousand words. Additionally, flashcards have been proven to work well with how our brains are wired:

An advantage of flashcards is that they naturally lend themselves to a metacognitive learning strategy known as spaced learning.

- Nation, I. S. P. (2003). Effective ways of building vocabulary knowledge. ESL Magazine, July-August, 14-15

Flash Your Dutch fills the need for excellent flashcard apps to learn Dutch. Starting with the Het/De app in 2021, I hope to build a suite of flashcard apps that will have you flashing your Dutch in no time!

About Me

I am a software developer who moved to the Netherlands 3 years ago. As you can tell from the pic I am doing my best to integrate into Dutch society :) However, learning Dutch has proven to be quite a challenge! Surprisingly, I wasn't able to find a decent flash card app. So I decided to write my own, which you can now use!